• Next Steps

We take care of you every step of the way

You have Barona Estonia’s experienced support throughout the whole process, from the point you submit your application until you have settled into your new job and new country and signed your permanent contract with Tieto. Here is how the process goes:

Applying and applicant selection

  1. Leave your application now or at the latest 19.02.2016, we continuously screen new applications so you will not have to wait for our response for long!
  2. All suitable applicants will receive an invitation to do a video interview through Recruitby.net. The video can be recorded on any computer with a web camera.
  3. Next round of interviews is more in-depth and is done face-to-face or over Skype.
  4. After these interviews we assess your suitability for the position and check references.
  5. Next, successful applicants will be interviewed face-to-face or over Skype by Tieto.
  6. You will receive feedback of the application process as well as employment contract details.
  7. You will be employed by Barona Estonia for the first few months to ensure smooth relocation and adaptation.

We aim to provide continuous feedback to all applicants throughout the whole application process.


  1. You and your future coworkers will attend extensive training for your future position in your home country. Tieto arranges the training and it is designed to prepare you for your job as a Service Desk Agent.

Getting ready to travel

  1. Contracts are signed and you have finished your training – it’s time to get ready to travel and join your new team in Tallinn!
  2. Your travel documents will be delivered to you via email, and we will help you through all other necessary practical matters as well.

Read more about how we help you through the relocation process here.

First Days on the Job

  1. We will be waiting for you at the office, and during the first days we will guide you through all the practical matters concerning your new job and your new surroundings. And you will also meet your new team!

Everyday life

  1. During the first days on the new job you will get used to your assignments and your new routines. Your team members will show you the ropes and see that you get started. They will be happy to answer the questions you might have and assist you as you get used to your practical tasks.
  2. You will continue to work independently and develop as a professional. On your free time you can partake in the social life in whatever ways suit you the best. We are a close-knit working community where diversity is respected and we look forward to having you join us!

It’s the Start of your Career

  1. You will gain valuable work experience in an international environment as well as amazing personal experiences.
  2. After a few months have passed and you have got used to the job and shown your motivation, Tieto will hire you on a permanent basis.
  3. Tieto offers you great opportunities to advance your career and encourages you to do so. This is the beginning of your international IT career!