I work at Tieto Estonia as an HR Recruitment Specialist and I am excited to recruit new talent and help creating the best Service Desk Unit in Estonia. Tieto is the leading IT services provider in the Northern Europe, providing full life-cycle services for both public and private sector. But that’s not all! At Tieto we have a good reason to wake up and come to work each day: we are committed to developing enterprises and society through information technology. It’s a huge task. Luckily, we have talent. Lots of it.

We believe, there can be no creativity without freedom and trust. We trust in the knowledge of our people, instead of telling how we should think, act or look like. We believe in exchanging ideas, dreaming out loud and simply having passion for our customers’ success. This is the Tieto we want to be. Transparent. Open-minded. A community of brave minds. Always on the course of changing perspectives.

This is a story of our open source culture

I started at Tieto just last Spring and I quickly learnt that there are a lot of diffences in our organizational culture compared to other big companies. Tieto truly stands for their words and is a responsible and reliable partner for all their customers. If Tieto promises certain results, these are delivered. This is done by motivating our people to give their best effort for the success of our customers and themselves. Our people are very self-driven to thrive for solutions.

One of the things I always emphesize is bringing out that our people are not just colleagues. Many of them have travelled a long way to start a whole new life in an environment which is totally alien for them. Talk about stepping out of the comfort zone there. It is only natural that people try and firstly start getting along with their co-workers, and become close friends.


Best tools for work – trainings and fun

Today we have many groups of friends that do a lot of fun things together also outside of the office. Just last week we organized our first board games night in the office with snacks and many different gaming options. People were trying out new games from Xbox to Jazzi and getting sporty with ping pong. The greatest part was, that everybody was having fun and wanted to share that fun with each other.

Tieto-Tallinn-Social-Event Daisy2

Getting to know the culture

In our Service Desk, the teams decide themselves what they want to do, but one of the things that we have been doing are cultural evenings. We book a museum visit or an art exhibition – you name it! – and go with the teams for a visit. One of the things people moving to Estonia don’t have, is knowledge about the cultural background and what many interesting events we have going on here. So, we want to give this possibility as well. Finding the best events out on your own might be tricky if the country is new. Having the support of locals and our managers booking interesting events, makes it so much easier.

We also want to give our employees the best support in succeeding in their everyday work. For example, we have arranged a “How to manage stress“ -training which was a relaxed event with some food and useful points on how to handle stress in an every day work. Well, that was a huge success among people! Everybody got positive points to keep stress far away from them.

Once a year we also do surveys about our working environment. This is a good way to know how people feel about their managers and the work processes in general. All good critic is then worked through and when we have some good solutions offered to make some of the processes more efficient, we make an implemantation plan for the coming year. This we normally organize in seminars, we call „The Voice“. Within those seminars we usually have some fun/playful team building activities too. Last year we had to build bridges from cardboard and some branches. Different teams built their own bridges that had to be linked together at the end, so we could drive a race car on the bridge. It worked very well. After the team building activities and information sessions we alse had a nice dinner.


The best part is that our teams really work together and are active in finding innovative solutions to make our lives easier at work. We are really hoping that people, who have their eye on the future and who want to make a difference and give a contribution to our organizations’ success, would apply to our teams. People are what keeps us motivated and going. People help us learn and grow together and truly appreciate the time spent at the office. So you are warmly welcomed to apply and learn more about us. Move to Tallinn as your job is already here!



Daisy Inslermann, HR Recruitment Specialist, Tieto Estonia AS