• Tieto Q&A

Tieto Q&A

25.2.2016 Barona organized Tieto Q&A -session in SnapChat (@barona_rekry). Jobseekers were allowed to ask questions about this job and Barona’s recruiter, Marina Velikova, answered. Quite many questions were asked – big thanks to all the questioners for your activity! If you missed this SnapChat session, do not worry, here is the summary of Q&A:

Tieto Q&A

  • How many people are working in Tieto?

Today there are ca 240 people working in Tieto Estonia overall. The Service Desk unit has about 100 employees.

  • What nationalities are the in the team?

Tieto Estonia Service Desk unit has different language group teams: Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian. Within those language groups we have very many different nationalities as well.

  • What is the organisational structure? What size are the teams?

In the organization Tieto has 4 different units. Service desk is one of them. In the Service Desk we have the Managers and Incident Managers. We have agreed to have max 15 people in one team, all together we have about 10 teams.

  • What kind of career paths / development Tieto offers?

„Within the Service Desk one can develop themselves higher in technical level – our projects are all very different in the competence requirements. New opportunities are thought of on a daily basis and as a new unit we have many positive changes we have coming towards us. We aim to keep the competencies in Tieto and offer people more opportunities for staying.“

  • What trainings does Tieto offer?

In the beginning there will be an intensive 2 week training for all software, system, customer specific topics. After that you would be observing the work of a Senior Specialist who will be acting as a mentor. Gradually you would then start working individually. If additional trainings are needed after that, we have an in-house Training Specialist.

  • What kind of relocation package is offered?

Tieto provides assistance for the administrative issues as well as for finding accommodation.

  • How much Tieto helps with finding the apartment?

The appartment search is fully done by the relocation partner who will find 2-3 suitable appartments (according to the persons requirements) and send videos and pictures of them for review. The whole process is very interactive.

  • How far away from the work place is the accommodation?

Tallinn in general is a small capital city. The city centre is ca 4km away from the office building. Normally we try and search appartments closest to the office. All is normally within the range of ca 5km.

  • What kind of benefits Tieto offers?

Tieto offers mobile phone fringe benefit, health care package and other benefits.

  • What kind of free time activities does the team/Tieto have?

Tieto organizes team events twice a year, summer days, Christmas party, competency seminars. Out side of the office we have a Tieto band, people are playing basketball, floorball, we organize board game nights, etc.

  • Is there going to be any work trips?

Some customers require the training period abroad, either in Finland or in Sweden, but not all of them. Depends on the assigned project.

  • Are all clients located in Finland?

Finnish market customers are all in Finland.

  • What kind of industry sectors are the clients in?

The customers that Tieto Estonia supports are in construction, telecommunications, media, public sector – municipalities, finance etc.

  • What kind of employment contract is Tieto offering?

Full-time employment contract.

  • What are the most typical technical problems that the service desk agents have to solve?

Troubleshooting in different systems: Windows XP/7, Outlook/Exchange, Networks, VPN, mobile broadbands, Printers, Active Directory, mobile messaging, also handling virus and remote programs.

  • What is the typical work day like?

A typical day would have problem cases coming in via e-mail, phone or chat. Normally there might be 20 calls and 20 e-mail cases per day. We hope to resolve most of them first hand. Our resolution precentage is close to 80. In the work day you also have your breaks and lunch time and during those times you can even play Xbox we have in the kitchen.

  • What kind of shifts do you have?

Day time working hours window is between 7.00-19.00. The shifts last 8 hrs per day, so dependent on the project, there might be some shifts. For example somebody starts at 7.00, somebody at 9.00, somebody at 11.00.

  • Do you have 24/7 support?

Yes, we also have 24/7 team that works between 19.00-7.00. The work is scheduled 12 hrs per shift, thus the employees get more days off in a row.

  • Is it possible to work part time only (if the person is studying)?

Yes, Tieto also encourage students to come – we can provide lesser work load than 100%.

  • What kind of channels do you have? 

In the Service Desk the cases come in via phone, e-mail, special business partners ticketing systems, chat.

  • How does the recruitment process advance?

We process new applications daily and if your application is shortlisted, you will receive shortly an invite for video interview. The next step is an interview with Barona recruiter and the final stage is interview with Tieto. Usually the entire recruitment process takes around 2 weeks.

  • When does the work start?

Tieto has needs for new employees right away, so the work starts as soon as the candidate is able to relocate. However, if you are not able to start right away, you can still apply as there will be new projects/openings during the spring.

  • Do I have to travel for the interviews?

If you are at remote location, all interviews can be conducted via Skype or other video conference tools. Tieto conducts the interview via Skype.


If you did not find answer for your question above, please contact Marina Velikova – she is happy to help you!