• 6 reasons why Tallinn is the best place to live

6 reasons why Tallinn is the best place to live

“What will you become when you’re big?” –  a question I heard a lot after graduating high school. I always knew that I would like to study economics, but it took a while to find my path. Because of my international background, I didn’t find it ideal to stay in Finland.

After some research, and after gathering my confidence, I applied to a business school in Tallinn. Happy story short – I got admitted to Estonian Business School, so I packed my bags and left Helsinki. To be honest, I was horrified during my first days in a new city without any friends. However, it took only a split second until I fell in love with my life in Tallinn! Of course the people surrounding me were playing a big part in the adjustment process, since most of them were in the same situation with me, new international students.

Here are some reasons why I think Tallinn is the best place to live:

1. Free public transportation
As a Tallinn citizen, you can use public transportation for free. The public transportation is very wide despite the fact that Tallinn is a city where you can basically walk everywhere. You may wonder why the transportation is free (this is indeed a great source of revenue for the government). One of the reasons is that the city of Tallinn has made a commitment to become a greener city and having such public transportation encourages also private drivers to use busses and trams.ne

Note to you (and self): in Tallinn you don’t have to stop the busses by waving to the driver (like in Finland). There the busses and trams just simply stop. Take it from someone who has received some weird looks when doing this.

2. Cheap living
Living in Tallinn is extremely cheap. For instance, the rent of my 3-room-apartment in the heart of Tallinn was around 500 euros. Of course you have to pay for the additional utilities (water, electricity), of which prices are dependent on the season. Logically in the wintertime heating may be slightly more expensive.

In addition to cheap living, groceries are easy to the pocket as well and the stores also offer delicacies from all over the world. As a former student living only with student aid, I was able to afford shopping groceries from Stockmann delicacy and living in the heart of Tallinn, without cutting off other expenses.

3. Job opportunities
In many countries the labor markets require specific education before entering a job, Estonia differs from this. As the amount of educated (university level) people is pretty low, you will have a good chance to build your career path in Estonian companies – this of course requires you to be extremely good in what you do.

4. Economic e-development
Estonia is an extremely fast developing economy, long-term prospects for the Estonian economy remain among the most promising in Europe at the moment. The government’s electrical activity is a runner up in Europe, since you can do almost everything with your Estonian ID card.
If you need to vote or sign any official (or even less official) documents, you can do it with your ID card. This means that you can run many of your errands from your home couch, physically moving only to your pocket. This is pretty awesome when it is cold and raining!

5. Country of start ups
Estonia has the coolest and most innovative startups at the moment. The most famous inventions from Estonia are Skype and Hotmail. The newest rising startups such as Taxify and Tranferwise, provide technological services.

Taxify is a mobile application which makes ordering a taxi extremely easy. You can follow the taxi you ordered on a map and you know exactly when it is in front of your house. In addition you can pay the ride in the app. The taxi drivers do not socialize while driving, so this minimizes the communication level to the point that you don’t need to speak one word. Tranferwise is a website and a mobile app, which is a totally new and innovative way to transfer money between different currencies and you are not enforced to pay the expensive currency exchange payments.

6. To do!
Tallinn offers many things to do. On a regular Wednesday evening you can e.g. go to the cinema and see the newest movies without losing all your money – it costs only around 5 euros + you are allowed to drink beer in the theatre! If you need some plans for the weekend, many restaurants offer affordable intercultural dishes and Tallinn’s nightlife offers various different options from bars with specific themes to the bars 24/7 opening hours. If you want to see the cold war sites of Tallinn, you can go to Patarei Prison which has been in use until the end of 19th century.


Paula Virkkunen, Talent support & sourcing agent at Barona Group Oy