• Prepare for your relocation in 5 steps

Moving abroad? – 5 steps to a successful relocation

Following these 5 steps will make moving to another country a whole lot easier.

Travelling today is so easy. You can do it anywhere and anytime. You can just open a browser or a mobile phone and in seconds you are able to compare dozens of possibilities from a single airplane ticket to a fully tailored safari trip to Africa. Everything you need in making the decision (and the actual purchase) is available online – transportation, accommodation, travel tips such as where to eat, shop and what cultural events and places you should see are at your fingertips. And the best thing is that you can read various opinions that have been published by bloggers or magazines.

So travelling is piece of cake. But when it comes to moving abroad, buying a one-way ticket and choosing the destination (actually making the decision to move) is not so easy anymore. At the same time you start thinking about it, your head becomes overloaded with questions and uncertainty, right? This is a difficult decision and it is important to take your time before making it. However, keep one point in mind – living abroad, gaining an international perspective and experience is a priceless investment in you. It’s the adventure of your lifetime. It is much more than a safari or a few weeks holiday to Asia. It is an opportunity for you to learn a new language and get to know a new culture – but the best part is that it will widen your perspective and change you for good.

People move to another country for different reasons. One of the most common reasons is work. Imagine that you have gone through the painful job hunting process. You have found it – your dream job. You have managed all the interviews and tests and you received an offer. The only thing is that it is located in another country. What next?
Worry not, relocation is not such a scary thing, you just need to prepare and not be afraid to accept all the help that is offered by your new employer. And you always have the option to log on and buy a return ticket later, if you don’t feel at home in your new home country.

Step 1: Relocation packages. International companies who make job offers to international candidates are often prepared to offer help with the relocation. Ask your new employer what their relocation package includes and follow their advice.

Step 2: Work permits. Check what kind of work permit would be required for you to be able to work at your new country of residence. Your new employer may have already checked this.

Step 3: Inform all necessary authorities. Make sure to take care of all moving out procedures at your home country. This means to inform all authorities that you are moving to this country. This includes the Local Registry Office (where you have your address registration and other personal data), the Tax office (to avoid double taxation), the Health Care Institutions (to make sure you have health care at your destination country). Often employers’ relocation package includes assistance for this. Another easy way is to ask advice from colleagues or friends who have gone through the process already. The longest and safest way is to check these procedures from the authorities.

Step 4: Prepare for the apartment hunt. Especially if you move to a big city, the apartment hunt is a process. Manage your expectations, your dream apartment may not be sitting and waiting for you when you land. As it probably goes in your home country, you need to be ready to search, view and make a fast decision. This is often impossible to do in advance. A good way to handle this is to arrange a temporary accommodation for the first few weeks. You could stay with friends, colleagues, Forenom, Airbnb or other place that your employer may have for these purposes. Once you are there, use your colleagues’ and friends’ experience to learn about the good areas, price range and negotiation practices. This may save you a great headache.

Step 5: Do your local registrations on time. Often employers require this to make sure their new employees are settled well and avoid problems later. Make sure to strictly follow all instructions. Register at the Local Registry Office, get your local ID number, and make your tax registration and health care registration. Do not underestimate the importance of these otherwise boring procedures. They are essential not only to make your life smoother in the future but also to ensure that you are entitled to receive the available local services like healthcare or free transportation.

Bonus tip: Open your mind and views to the new culture. It is nice to have your old hobbies and routines in your new environment, they will make you feel safe. However, in order to feel at home, make sure to be open minded, mingle and find new friends and try something new. Give your new life a good chance of success – meaning give it time and positive attitude. Settling in a new place is always difficult. Leaving behind family and friends is tough. It does take an effort to give relocation a good try before you actually feel at home. Use this opportunity to learn, live and grow!